Thursday, September 19, 2013

Boy clothes

Chandler is officially as tall as me.  Weird.  He's kinda short still anyway, but it's freaky to have a kid as tall as me, the mama.  We had to find the boy new dress clothes.  Blame me for being judgmental, but I was always that gal looking at those young men at church in their high-water pants, and white shirts with sleeves too short, and thinking, "WHY does his mom NOT get that boy clothes that fit, for heaven's sake??"  Then, I had a teenage son of my own.  It dawned on me that the boy was probably wearing a pair of pants that his mom had bought on the long side the week before, and she refused to buy another pair for at least another week or two.  
So Chan and I went shopping.  Also, his dress shoes were a size 8, and he wears a 9 1/2 now.  Minor detail.  He only has to wear them 3 hours a week.  Why all the complaining?  Anyway, in to the department store we go.  Now, I have never actually purchased men's dress clothes before.  This is one territory that Ben navigates on his own.  What are all those numbers and sizes and whatever on all the dress shirts?  And why do they have 1 billion pins in them, so it's impossible to try any on?  Needless to say, trial and error, and learning curve were a big part of the experience that day.  Also, it's hard to overstate how impossible it is to find pants that are long enough with a small enough waist for this kid.  We settled for a 28x32, and a new belt.  
All in all, it was a successful excursion.  He looked super duper dapper on Sunday, and I kept trying to take pictures of him, but he was all business helping me get the kids ready for church.  Hence the blurry picture of him helping Jack tie his tie.   
Love this tall, skinny boy.  (I'll try to get a better picture soon!  Before he grows another foot, and his pants are too short!)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Family History

Mariah has spent the last 3 hours working on her pedigree chart, and peppering me with questions about our family that I should know the answers to, but don't.  Her fascination fascinates me.  Love when she looks up with a smile and says, "This is fun, Mom!"  You know what else is fascinating, if unrelated?  The fact that she's wearing a fleece jacket.  Our house is exactly 81 degrees right now.  The interior of our house, not outside.  How can she be not dropping over with heat stroke?  Unsolved mysteries of the Hays Household... But, you go girl.  You rock that FamilySearch.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Style. The new edge.

Here's an outfit for ya.  Ben is the model.  He chose it entirely by himself.  I couldn't quite get a grasp of it. Orange shorts?  A zipper over the shirt pocket?  I think this outfit might be a bit edgy for a CPA.  No offense to the CPA's out there, but edgy doesn't quite fit.  
Nevertheless, he bought it.  Now I kind of love it.  Look out world.  I have an edgy CPA husband.  Plus, he wears a fit bit bracelet.  Now those are definitely way edgy.  Who is this man, and where's my actual husband?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Well, it happens...

So, I took the summer off from the blog.  It's September something now, and although I'd like to pretend that we are still in "Back to School" mode, I can't lie.  My kids started school 6 weeks ago- in July.  I guess it's time to do stuff with my days at home with only one child.  Except that one child is Gabby.  And she knows how to keep a mama running.  I honestly could not imagine a child more precocious than Jack Jack.  Well, she's it.  By a long shot.  A long, LONG shot.  Every moment that my eyes are not on her is a moment I later live to regret.  For instance, this night:
She came out of my bathroom looking like this.  I asked her what happened, and she told me she cut herself shaving.  But, "Don't worry, Mama, I put a Band-Aid on it so I don't get blood."
After the exasperated groan, what could I do but take a picture? And laugh?  And assure myself that Jackson grew out of his crazy ways (sort of), so there may be hope for her.  Fingers crossed.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A cake I made:

It's entirely made of fruit for my mom in law's birthday.  Can't say it was as good as a German Chocolate, but I thought it looked pretty.  And tasted yummy.  And, lets face it: I don't bake cakes.  Seriously, I don't.  I only do German Chocolate well, because it involves exactly no decorating.  You just slop that awesome delicious coconut pecan frosting all over it and call it good.  Now I guess I can add fruit cake to my 2 cake repertoire. Take your pick...

Saturday, June 1, 2013

This is why...

...teenage boys should not be left alone in model homes.  Chandler, by "model home", they don't mean you should feel free to model the clothes in the closet, and play with the pretend iPhone. I sorta thought this went without saying.  Guess not.

The Proof

We like to go mini golfing.  Well, mostly Ben likes to go mini golfing because it includes golfing in some form, which he's always up for.  I go along because I love Ben. 
 "Oh, you want to go mini golfing?  What a great idea!  I love playing a game that I never win.  Ever."
This night, however, my mini golf fortunes changed.  I pretty much totally rocked.  Well, as much as I can rock at mini golf.  And Ben... Not so good.  In his defense, he was distracted by the hilarious semi inebriated guy golfing right behind us.  Nevertheless, I won.  This is huge.